On Monday, the US will be in the path of a total solar eclipse, and if you’ve been watching the Picks over the past few days you can probably tell we’re excited about it!

Here are a few of my favorite eclipse-themed Pens.

“Interactive Eclipse” by Michal might not be scientifically accurate, but it sure is fun to move that moon around.

See the Pen Interactive eclipse by Michal (@Mertl) on CodePen.

I like the subtly twinkling stars in “The perfect spots for August’s total solar eclipse”, an email by Home Away, curated by Really Good Emails

See the Pen 🌘 The perfect spots for August’s total solar eclipse 🌒 by Really Good Emails (@reallygoodemails) on CodePen.

“Gooey Eclipse” by Keyon takes a surrealistic approach to an eclipse.

See the Pen Gooey Eclipse by Keyon (@Keyon) on CodePen.

“Annular solar eclipse in CSS” by Smokie Lee is a CSS rendering of a minimal eclipse design by Paulius Kairevicius on Dribbble.

See the Pen Annular solar eclipse in CSS by Smokie Lee (@xtoq) on CodePen.

I’ve gathered these and more in my Eclipse collection, and I’ll be watching for more. Show off your favorites in the comments! 🌑