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“Motion Graphics For The Web”, says mo · js. It’s a JavaScript library created by Oleg Solomka, otherwise known as LegoMushroom on Twitter and sol0mka here on CodePen.

There is something about it that inspires really clean animation work and playful demos. After you check out these picks from the CodePen community, check out the docs for how-tos and even more examples.

Here are just a few of our favorite mo.js demos.

“Geometric Mo.js Burst” by Sarah Drasner

See the Pen Geometric Mo.js Burst by Sarah Drasner (@sdras) on CodePen.

“burst-tutorial-animation-34” by LegoMushroom

See the Pen burst-tutorial-animation-34 by LegoMushroom (@sol0mka) on CodePen.

“I Love You (mo.js animation)” by Anton Mudrenok

See the Pen I Love You (mo.js animation) by Anton Mudrenok (@mudrenok) on CodePen.

“checkbox with mo.js” by mprquinn

See the Pen checkbox with mo.js 💵 by mprquinn (@mprquinn) on CodePen.

“Spooky Headless Wizard” by by Joseph Rex

See the Pen Spooky Headless Wizard by Joseph Rex (@josephrexme) on CodePen.

“hello dribbble” by Misaki Nakano

See the Pen hello dribbble by Misaki Nakano (@mnmxmx) on CodePen.

“Link Hover Effects w/ mo.js” by mprquinn

See the Pen Link Hover Effects w/ mo.js by mprquinn (@mprquinn) on CodePen.

“Jump and Squash” by LegoMushroom

See the Pen Jump and Squash by LegoMushroom (@sol0mka) on CodePen.