There is loads of game experimentation happening on CodePen. I love that. People figuring out spriting techniques. People exploring gaming frameworks. People investigating gaming mechanics and physics. There are also some full-fledged games like Snake, Mine Sweeper, Flappy Bird clones, and Connect Four.

But then there are some really unique stand-out games that are as fun as anything I have installed on my phone! Here’s a few:

David DeSandro’s Cub n Pup

See the Pen Cub n Pup – puzzle game demo by David DeSandro (@desandro) on CodePen.

Setup Draw’s faithful replication of Asteroids

See the Pen ASTEROIDS by Setup Draw (@SetupDraw) on CodePen.

Nathan Taylor’s Platform Game

It’s just an interesting detail that it’s done entirely in HTML and CSS. The game itself is quite fun!

See the Pen CSS/HTML Platform Game by Nathan Taylor (@nathantaylor) on CodePen.

Jack Rugile’s Futuristic Snake

See the Pen Snake Game – CSS Renderer by Jack Rugile (@jackrugile) on CodePen.

M.Selman Yurtseven’s Math Game

See the Pen Math Game by mselmany (@mselmany) on CodePen.

Matei Copot’s Glitch Maze

See the Pen glitch maze – #js13k by Matei Copot (@towc) on CodePen.

Tip’s Swine Peeper

See the Pen Swine Peeper by Tip (@tipvfl) on CodePen.

Blaz Kemperle’s Path Finder

See the Pen Path Finder Game by Blaz Kemperle (@blazicke) on CodePen.

Can’t get enough? Here’s a big Collection.