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We know the CodePen community loves a good challenge! From Codevember to Daily CSS Images, we’ve seen you turn out some of your finest work with a little help from a challenge prompt.

Now, we’re issuing a challenge of our own to grow your skills, share with the community, and have some fun! Every Monday this month, we’ll post a new challenge prompt to spark your imagination, and share some resources to help you make your ideas come to life.

This month’s theme is Movie Night 🎞

Each week’s prompt includes a 90s cinema classic to inspire you. The very first week’s prompt (which we’re dropping a smidge early for y’all) is: Stargate!

How To Participate

  • Sign up to get the challenge prompts and resources by email, follow us on Twitter, or read the prompt post here on our blog every Monday in March.
  • Take inspiration from the prompt to create a new Pen (or Pens) through the week.
  • Tag your Pen with codepenchallenge (in the Pen Settings).
  • Leave a note in the description to tell us a little bit about how the challenge prompt inspired you.

Follow the Challenge

  • Tagged Pens are showcased on the codepenchallenge tag page
  • We’ll feature our favorites as Picked Pens and share standouts in our newsletter, The Spark!

Our Sponsor

Each challenge prompt includes resources from our sponsor, Treehouse!

Treehouse has courses to help you learn and advance your tech career. Learn things like front-end web development, iOS and Android development, and even game programming. Here’s a couple of courses we thought might go well with the first weeks challenge: