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The #CodePenChallenge for March launched on Monday, and Stargate was the prompt.

The CodePen community sure knows how to rise to a challenge! We’re blown away by the spacey stuff you all did this week. Here are just a handful of the amazing Pens from Week One.

“Shapesgate” by Acid, a kaleidoscopic take on the event horizon in the Stargate.

See the Pen Shapesgate by Acid (@Icosacid) on CodePen.

The eye of Horus is watching you in “#CodePenChallenge StarGate” by Christina Gorton.

See the Pen #CodePenChallenge StarGate by Christina Gorton (@cgorton) on CodePen.

Mark McMurray mixes sci-fi with Easter for the oddly delightful “Stargate (Eastergate)”

See the Pen Stargate (Eastergate) by Mark McMurray (@requestingmark) on CodePen.

Nikita Dubko built a stunning animated replica of the Stargate, “Stargate (CSS only) — #CodePenChallenge, Week 1”

See the Pen 🌌 Stargate (CSS only) — #CodePenChallenge, Week 1 by Nikita Dubko (@dark_mefody) on CodePen.

And Dave Rupert went the AFrame route with the awesome “Stargate Part 1 #CodePenChallenge”

See the Pen Stargate Part 1 #CodePenChallenge by Dave Rupert (@davatron5000) on CodePen.

We’ve gathered up these Pens and more from the first week of the challenge in our collection #CodePenChallenge – Stargate.

Ready for the next challenge? Week Two kicks off on Monday, March 12th. The theme is Dead Poet’s Society. We can’t wait to see what you make!