Eeek! It’s the last week March and so the last week of our Movie Night theme for CodePen Challenges. Now is as good a time to jump in as any, and of course, we’ll be back again next month with a new theme.

I go online, and my breath catches in my chest until I hear three little words: You’ve got mail.

Believe it or not, there once was a time when people were excited to get an email! Back in 1998, “You’ve Got Mail” told the story of a couple who fell in love through the cutting-edge world of AOL chatrooms and email.

Here in 2018, your challenge for the week is building a Pen or Project inspired by this story of wire-crossed lovers!

Ideas to Build On

  • A fun chat UI: Go retro with the classic AOL style of the film, or design something for the 21st-century version of Shopgirl & NY152
  • The next great email template: maybe you can help people fall in love with email again!
  • What could an email notification of the future look like?
  • Perhaps an icon for email that isn’t evocative of snail mail?

As always, feel free to let your imagination take you wherever it wants to go! Don’t forget to tag your Pen with CodePenChallenge.

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