The inaugural month of CodePen Challenges is over, but never fear, we’re going to keep trucking right along with more weekly challenges! April 2018 is themed Retro Video Games! Every Monday in April we’ll be dropping a new retro video game prompt for that week, and we can all play around and build things on that theme.


This week’s prompt is one of the most iconic video game heroes of all time: Pac-Man. He was popular immediately after the 1980 release, and the game is just as fun today. The little yellow chomper eats through a maze of pellets trying to clear the board of them before being touched by a cast of colored ghosts.

Funny timing, as I’m just about to go see Ready Player One, in which OASIS, the whole big immersive video game environment thing, was created the character James Halliday who is said to have gotten a perfect score in Pac-Man. Of course he did.


  • Try to literally code a simple Pac-Man style game! Exploring <canvas> might be an interesting choice.
  • He’s a moving pie chart, right?
  • Take some glitchy art direction from the famous Level 256 kill screen and buffer overflow bug.
  • Blinky, Pinky, Inky, Clyde. Different colors, yes, but also different personalities in the sense that they were programmed to chase you differently. That could be fun to experiment with!
  • Pac-Man is so flat, what would he look like in a 3-D world? Inexplicably, they’ve made a number of Pac-Man movies. Pac-Man: The Movie, not to be confused with Pac-Man the Movie, and Pixels.


About Tagging

We’re going to do tagging slightly differently this month and see how it goes. We’re going to keep the CodePenChallenge tag, but each week will also have its own tag.

Using this week as an example, tag your Pens both CodePenChallenge and cpc-pac-man. That “cpc” bit will just be shorthand for “CodePen Challenge” and namespace the tag so it’s just for this.

You tag in Pen Settings:

As far as tagging tweets and posts to Instagram, #CodePenChallenge is still great.

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