If there’s one thing that defines the CodePen community, it’s willingness to step up to a challenge! This week, we wrapped up the May HTML Buddies challenge with <dt> and <dd>.

Here are just a few of our favorites from this week’s challenge.

Andrew Wilson loads up a retro computer with geeky jokes in “Computer Jokes”.

See the Pen Computer Jokes | CodePenChallenge by Andrew Wilson (@paragonsoldier) on CodePen.

Tony Banik’s Pen is a vocabulary refresher with a satisfying flipping card animation.

#CodePenChallenge by Tony Banik (@tonybanik) on CodePen.

George Park defines all the Buddies from this month’s challenge with a sliding reveal.

See the Pen Sliding Reveal Description List #CodePenChallenge by George W. Park (@GeorgePark) on CodePen.

Adrian Roselli goes into how screen readers handle description lists in this informative post within a Pen.

See the Pen HTML Buddies: dt & dd by Adrian Roselli (@aardrian) on CodePen.

We’ve gathered up these and many more Pens from this week’s challenge in our dt and dd Collection. And, be sure to sign up to get notified or check back here on Monday when we kick off the June challenge!

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