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We said “Hello World” to our new CodePen community on Spectrum today!

kicking things off in Spectrum

Lots of people in the CodePen universe have told us it would be great if we had something like a forum or chatroom where people could share Pens, get feedback, or ask for help with coding questions. And we totally agree!

We have a good community thing going on Twitter, but we know it’s too easy for coding questions to get lost in the shuffle. Twitter is a huge place! And, not being able to really step in if a conversation gets ugly also makes Twitter a little tricky for what we want to do.

So, we went looking for an option that would help us get the CodePen community talking and make sure the conversation stayed healthy and friendly. We think we’ve found that on Spectrum.

Why Spectrum?

We got interested in Spectrum because it’s a cool combo of a traditional forum with posts, and a chatroom with ongoing conversations. Or as they call it: “Real-time messaging with long-term value”.

We also appreciate their Code of Conduct, which is harmonious with our own.

And, there are lots of other dev communities on Spectrum, so it felt like a natural fit for the CodePen community.

Come Join Us!

There are already a couple hundred people in the CodePen channel on Spectrum including Chris, Jake, and Marie from the CodePen team. Come on over, say hi, and make some CodePen Pals!