Perhaps someday we'll have an even more direct Netlify integration, but I wanted to highlight just how easy it is to move a Pen over to Netlify.

Here's a 22-second video, and I wasn't even moving particularly fast:

  1. Export Zip
  2. Upload dist folder to Netlify Drop


  • A hosted site on Netlify like that is production-grade hosting in a way that Pens on CodePen aren't really
  • Netlify opens up fancy features for you, like form handling, redirect rules, mapping your domain name to it, etc.

That first "drop" is kind of a one-way trip to Netlify, so if you were hoping to have a simple path to keep working, I'd recommend exporting with our build process, putting that on GitHub, and connecting to Netlify from GitHub. Although note that you can always do the drop, then connect up a fancier process later.

Projects on CodePen do offer some of those features (deployment, domain mapping), so that might be worth a look as well.