We used to sell PRO Team accounts in seat increments of 5. 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, etc. After some fairly recent payments infrastructure work, there was no longer any particular reason it had to be that way (we used to avoid it because of some complexity we wanted to avoid, but that’s no longer the case).

Now, you can buy a Team account with exactly as many seats as you need.

The whole point of Teams is that:

  • You can collaborate together, sharing ownership of everything created on CodePen, without giving up your individual CodePen contexts.
  • Everybody is PRO, in or out of the Team context.
  • You get shared billing

PRO Teams are billed at the same exact cost as the Developer PRO plan, multiplied by how many members are on the team.

So if you’re a 4-person Team like CSS-Tricks right now, you pay for 4 seats. If you’re a 2-person Team like The @keyframers right now, you pay for 2 seats. If you’re a 7-person team like Team CodePen, you pay for 7 seats.