Google has a new Top-Level Domain (TLD) they are offering: .new. They have special requirements for it:

Navigation to a .new domain must bring a user directly into the action generation or online creation flow. Navigation or redirection to a homepage or landing page that requires the user to take additional steps or clicks to initiate action or creation will not be deemed to comply with this policy.

For example, GitHub has that takes you to a page to create a new repository. Stripe has for taking you directly to a page for building an invoice.

Now CodePen has for taking you straight to the Pen Editor.

Since we applied during the “Limited Registration Period”, we had to fill out an application saying what we would do with it, and fortunately we were approved. After approval, then we could proceed with buying the domain. It’s $500 a year! Google says it’s because it’s a brand new TLD that they’ll need to highly monitor and protect. Pretty pricey for a TLD. Not too many that are more expensive.I guess it’s no .rich 😬

I am definitely not going to buy this.

I think it’s worth it because it’s fun and if it encourages some folks to build that domain into their muscle memory for creating new Pens, that’s a good thing for both of us.