One of the default keyboard shortcuts I really like from VS Code is the ability to move lines around. I went a long time in my career as a developer never doing this, but once I learned the commands, I use them as naturally as copy and paste. Anytime you’re on a line (or have a selection), you can press Option Up (or Down) and move that line up or down, essentially swapping it with the line above (or below).

It’s very satisfying:

That’s me doing it in CodePen, as we have that feature now with the exact same keyboard command as default VS Code.

From the VS Code docs.

We technically supported this feature before, but it was undocumented (we need to improve the key binding documentation in general). The trick was you needed to have Sublime Text key bindings turned on (you do that in your global Editor Settings), and even then, the keyboard command was different. It turns out that Option Up/Down was already taken, but what it was doing was also undocumented, and could be easily moved. What it was doing was, in the CSS editor only, if your cursor happened to be over a number, Option Up/Down would increment that number by 0.1 in the appropriate direction. Emmet has several of those options, here there are all still working:

Sublime Text still has some additional goodies in it, that I really like, for example Command-Shift-D for duplicating lines. That pairs nicely with these new moving lines commands.