I was reading Alex Trost’s Frontend Horse newsletter and I saw the wonderful Pen point and click penguin by Masahito Leo Takeuchi shared. I was delighted as I hadn’t seen it yet. Here it is!

Then I remembered it a few days later and I was like, I should Instagram that! I could have found the Pen again any number of ways. I could have pinned it, but I hadn’t done that. I could have looked through my recently loved items. But instead, I just searched for “penguin” globally.

How many penguin pens can there be? I thought. hahahahhahaha. A lot, Chris. Couldn’t tell ya why. Maybe because they are cute. Maybe because they have fairly fun, interesting, and visually distinct shapes that make them up. Maybe it’s the Pen in Penguin. Anyway, you can find it in search, of course, you just might have to be a smidge more specific with the search terms or be willing to paginate quite a ways!

I mentioned the proliferation of penguins to Marie, and she’s like uh yeah duh that’s why I have this epic personal Collection of penguin Pens. That’s awesome, but also allow me to drop in some of my own favorites right here in this blog post.