Gotta love a good little single-purpose website, right? I generally love what they do, what they say, or what service they provide, I love them on some deeper meta-level. Like someone cared so much about this idea that they just had to produce something, and a website made the most sense. Global reach! Easily findable and savable! Multimedia! It will last forever unless corporate publishers ruin it. Well done, people. You world wide that web.

Here are a few I’ve saved recently that seem to have been making the rounds.

Keyboard Accordion

I still feel like the Web Audio API is underused overall and has much untapped potential on websites, whether audio focused or not.


Never use border-image without help.

Modern Font Stacks

It is perfect timing for a new site like this. Web fonts are a big pill to swallow for web performance, so if you can get away without using them, that’s kinda nice. And nowadays, it doesn’t mean entirely boring choices.

Perfect Freehand

Of all of these, I feel like this is the one I’m going to need the most and will be the easiest to forget.

Just lemme draw something on the web real quick!

Me, regularly

Better Mobile Inputs

Everyone should do an audit of their web forms and see if you can improve them in any small way. Me and this site included! Almost certainly, there are mobile-specific things that could be improved.

Get a cool rendering of text without having to hand-draw it (just type). I like how you can just keep re-generating it (and adjusting the controls) until you get one you like.