It brings me great pleasure to announce that we have our first ever employee! Welcome Marie Mosley!

(She’s @MMosley on Twitter, @mariemosley here on CodePen, and has a personal site).

I first worked with Marie at CSS-Tricks where she’s a part time writer and editor. She’s so organized and such a clear communicator I knew she would be good for this role.

And what is that role? Well like all tiny companies, it’s a mish-mash of a little of everything. Marie is helping us with community and social media stuff, customer support and troubleshooting, blogging and documentation, meetups, research, and who knows what all else she’ll end up doing.

That’s how we like it: work with good people and good work gets done.

Marie has already helped us wrangle together a bunch of social media accounts that we needed, including important ones that Marie has way more experience with than we do (i.e. she’s good at Pinterest). Stay tuned for more on that. She’s done some trademark research for us. She’s blogged. She’s helped us get organized for how to deal with documentation when the redesign drops. And much more.

She’s also a natural teacher. From a wonderful interview:

I love it when I know I’ve helped a senior citizen with their website or blog. My oldest readers are literally the best readers of all — they read the entire tutorial and follow every step to the letter. When they’re done, they send the sweetest notes and show me what they’re doing online. I’m always so happy for them, and knowing how I’ve helped makes me feel like a good internet citizen, too.

Hip hip, hooray!