We’ve long had GitHub login for CodePen. If you’re logged into GitHub (as many of us are all day), it’s just a single click to log in to CodePen. Now the same is true for Twitter or Facebook! (docs)

Perhaps you’ve seen our new Log In page with the options:

You need to have a CodePen account and have linked the accounts together first

We decided this would make things more clear.

Have you ever gone to a site that you aren’t really sure if you have an account on, and been faced with these buttons? Or you are sure you have an account, and wonder to yourself if these social log in buttons will actually log you in correctly?

So many things can go wrong. Perhaps you are logged into Facebook, so you try that, and the app sees you don’t have an account yet so it creates one for you. Great now you have two accounts and are logged into the one you don’t want.

We’re not doing any guesswork or auto signups or anything like that. If there is any confusion, we just let you know what’s up.

First, you link the accounts, then you can use them to log in.

Linking accounts

For all you out there that already have CodePen accounts, you’ll find the account linking in Settings > Account.

For brand new members, we now have a new onboarding step that allows you to link accounts as you sign up. It’s part of the picking an avatar process, which we’ve also upgraded and we’ll tell you about tomorrow.

Minimum possible permissions

This should go without saying, but we’ll never auto-post anything to any of your social accounts. When we ask for access, we ask you to grant it without that permission anyway.


We have a master plan here to TAKE OVER THE WORLD.

Well. That’s the 10-year plan. But for now, we actually do have another reason that social auth is useful: we’d love to have a Find Your Friends feature.

Wouldn’t it be neat to be able to see a list of CodePen users that you also follow on Twitter? In order to make that work, those friends of yours that have CodePen accounts must also be auth’d on Twitter. Twitter doesn’t just give out all the email addresses of all your friends so we can cross-reference them, which makes sense.

So the more people that do this, the more useful that feature will be when we create and release it. And hopefully, around the same time (and over time) we’ll make following people on CodePen more fun, useful, and interesting.