Donkey Kong looms large over the video game world as one of the very first platformers. And, did you know Mario made his debut in this game? Yep, everybody’s favorite pixelated plumber was “Jumpman” in the first Donkey Kong game, dodging barrels on his way to save the day!

Your challenge: build something inspired by the Donkey Kong universe.

Wanna see what everyone else is building? That’s what the weekly tag is for. Here’s how to tag, in case you need a reminder. This week’s tag is cpc-dk.


  • “Donkey Kong, without question, is the hardest game” – Billy Mitchell, King of Kong. Can you make one even harder? Check out Johan Tirholm’s “Unruly Tower” platformer. It’s very not easy.
  • The Donkey Kong leaderboard was the place to be in the early 80s. Try recreating Alex Lockwood’s take on it.
  • Have you heard of the Web Audio API? Donkey Kong chiptunes are pretty iconic. Perhaps try playing around with it in Tone.js.


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