It’s the second week of the Color Palettes challenge!

Last week, we kicked off the month with a color palette that was just peachy! Check out the Pens from the first week of the challenge in our collection #CodePenChallenge: Peach Beach 🍑.

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Week Two Prompt: Primary Colors 🍎

This week we’re going back to basics with the primary colors red, blue, and yellow in these shades: #F44336, #1E88E5, #FDD835.

Your Challenge

Create a Pen inspired by this week’s palette. You could choose to only use these colors, or use them as a starting point to experiment with a wider palette.

How to Participate

Create a Pen and tag it codepenchallenge and the weekly tag cpc-primary. We’ll gather those Pens into a collection and share our favorites on Twitter and Instagram (Use the #CodePenChallenge tag on Twitter and Instagram as well).


  1. In-browser paint tools are fun! Create a paint tool that features red, blue, and yellow on the palette.
  2. These three colors happen to be part of the Material Design color palette. Could you build a clean, Material-style UI with the primaries?
  3. Explore or explain how these three colors blend together to create new colors.


  1. Building a painting tool? Check out Frank Dip’s Pixel Art Maker or Mona La’s Paint Blocks for inspiration.
  2. Read about how the color system works in Material Design. You can grab light and dark variants from CodePen’s built-in design assets.
  3. Digging into color blending? Check out how painters mix colors on a real palette, and take a peek at the blending on Letter mix blend mode from Tobias Reich.