Teams are a special type of account on CodePen. Each Team has an owner and invites members to join. All members have shared access to Pens, Collections, Assets, Posts, etc. So what is it like to upgrade from an existing account to Team? And what happens if you need to downgrade away from a Team account? It's pretty easy either way, let's take a look.

Upgrading to Team

If you have an existing personal account on CodePen, you can upgrade to a PRO Team Account at any time. This is what happens:

1. You keep your personal account

Nothing changes with your personal account. Same login and password. You keep all your Pens and Collections and Embed Themes and everything.

In fact, you'll continue to always log in with your personal account. You can't log into CodePen directly as a Team, only as a user.

After you've started your Team, you switch between your Personal and Team contexts with the context switching links in the user dropdown.

2. A new Team account is created

You'll have the chance to name the team and pick the URL for it and such. This will be a totally fresh account you and your Team members can start filling up with new Pens!

3. If you are PRO, your PRO billing subscription is cancelled automatically

You can upgrade from a free account to a Team account as well, but if you were already PRO, note that you will not be billed again for it. You get all the PRO features from being a part of a Team anyway.

4. Your new PRO Team billing subscription starts

You will only be billed for your new PRO Team subscription.

Downgrading from Team

The Team Owner can choose to downgrade a Team at any time. Here is how that works:

1. Everything happens right away

All the following things happen immediately. There is no grace period where your access remains the same until the billing period is over, like normal PRO accounts. Downgrading is also not reversible - you don't lose any work or assets - but if you ever choose to upgrade again you'll need to re-assemble your team.

2. Your billing subscription ends

Your current billing subscription for Team is cancelled. You will not be rebilled.

3. The Team is disbanded and everyone loses PRO features

Your Team profile will no longer exist. The members of the Team will retain their CodePen accounts (and anything they did while under their Personal Context), but no longer be associated by Team. Team members (including you) will lose access to the PRO features Team membership gave them (unless they have or choose to upgrade to a personal PRO account).

4. All Team-owned Pens and Collections will be transferred to your account

Nothing is destroyed. As the Team Owner, all of the Team-owned Pens and Collections will be moved to your personal account. Public Pens will be Public. Private Pens will remain private, but remember that you're downgrading to a Free account so won't be able to work with them (aside from seeing them) unless you choose to upgrade to a PRO account. Note that the URL's will be changed accordingly. Links to Team Pens out in the wild will 404.

5. You will lose access to Assets

Asset Hosting is PRO feature, so you'll lose access to all Assets uploaded in the Team Context for your Team. Assets uploaded in your Personal Context will remain owned by you, and if you choose to upgrade to PRO again, you'll regain access to those.

The Assets already uploaded will remain where they are (e.g. Pens that use them will continue to work as expected).

If you need a dump of all your assets, send us a support request and we can send that to you.