Teams are a special type of account on CodePen. Each Team has an owner who invites other members to join. All members of the team have shared access to Pens, Collections, Assets, Posts, and Projects in team context.

So what is it like to start a Team? And what happens if you need to downgrade away from a Team account? Let’s take a look!

Starting a Team

1. A new Team account is created

You can pick a team username and set your team’s display name. The team account is a totally fresh canvas you and your Team members can start filling up with Pens, Posts, Projects, and Collections!

2. Your Team’s Subscription Begins

You’ll be billed for your team subscription at signup, and automatically at your chosen renewal interval (monthly or annual).

If you already have a personal PRO account when you start a team, you may want to cancel that subscription in your personal billing settings. Cancelling your personal PRO subscription will not disrupt the team subscription.

You can also choose to keep your personal subscription. You might want to do this if your team is for a temporary project, or you’d like to have acccess to a higher PRO tier than the developer PRO tier provided by your team.

3. You have two account contexts: Personal and Team

You keep all of your personal content, and you log in with the same username and password.

After you’ve started your Team, you can switch between your Personal and Team contexts with the context switching links in the user dropdown.

You have access to all features of the Developer PRO tier in both Personal and Team context.

When you’re in team context, you’re acting as the team. Any content you create will belong to the team account.

When you’re in your personal context, you’re acting as yourself. Any content you create in your personal context stays on your personal account.

Downgrading from a Team

The Team Owner can choose to downgrade a Team at any time. Here is what happens when a team downgrades:

1. The team owner cancels the subscription from team billing settings

To cancel a team subscription as the team owner, switch to team context and visit the team billing settings. Click “Cancel” next to the team subscription and follow the prompts to cancel your subscription.

The team will continue to have access to PRO features for the remainder of your paid period. For example, if you cancel five days before your next subscription renewal, you’ll continue to have access to PRO features for 5 more days. Then, the subscription will end and will not renew.

2. The team freezes

All of your team content stays right where it is, but you won’t be able to create any new team content, or edit existing team content.

3. Team members lose access to PRO features

PRO features are discontinued in team context at the end of the team subscription. Team members who don’t have personal PRO subscriptions will also lose access to PRO features. We have all the details on what happens when a personal PRO access ends in “What Happens When I Cancel My PRO Subscription?”

Only the team owner can reactivate the team subscription. But, any team member can sign up for a personal PRO subscription to resume using PRO features on their personal account.

4. You can reactivate any time

Your team content and member list will stay intact after your subscription ends, so you can reactivate anytime. Once you’ve reactivated, your team will be able to create new content, edit old content, and access all PRO features again.

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